Step 4: Gene, Experience, Growth

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Gene, Experience, Growth

Fifty percent of our behavioral characteristics are acquired from our genetic background and the other fifty percent comes from interaction with the environment during our childhood years. The basic formation of our mind therefore occurs from the way our gene interacts with our environmental experiences as a child. Positive experiences go to stimulate the brain cells and the establishment of connections between the neurons (brain cells) to form brains information processing system. Negative experiences are seen as danger and directedto our defense system to preserve survival.

A child’s early environments are home, school, religious and cultural organizations. A Child’s attachment to the caretaker at home plays a significant role in the development of his/her mind. A secure attachment occurs when the caretaker responds to the child’s expressed need. The child’s inborn ability to read facial expression and reciprocate to positive expressions establishes a mind to mind connection between the two. It facilitates the growth of mind and help the child tolerate negative experiences. A child with an insecure attachment with the caretaker lacking such security reacts adversely to negative experiences which inhibits learning and impairs the growth of mind.

graduatingClass21e2Children with negative experiences at home may tend to stay aloof, and exhibit deficient function at school. They may find themselves subjected to peers rejection, bullying, or unusual harsh treatment. Failure to keep up with their academic expectations may draw unfriendly attitudes and critical comments from the teacher’s, leading to further emotional trauma and continued disinterest in class room activities.

Withdrawal, lack of exposure to learning situations leaves pockets of learning deficiencies, which impair functioning as the child grows to be an adult.

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