Meet Our Behavioral Health Team

Mohammed A. Kabir, MD (April 1, 1931 to May 29, 2014)

The Founder, past CEO and Medical Director of Centrec Care Inc.

docTorso9f0aHe was a graduate of the Dacca Medical College, Bangladesh. He completed his psychiatric residency training at Burnley General Hospital, Burnley, England. He is a diplomat of the Royal College of Psychiatry, England. He had been a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association since January 2003.

Dr. Kabir is the creator and author of the program titled, “A Twelve Step Journey to Wellness”. This innovative, educational method of treatment has brought his program significant commendation and recognition. It is the map to Wellness. A therapeutic approach resulting in remarkable success.

Adarsh Reddy, MD

Staff Physician

Dr. Adarsh Reddy is a graduate of Washington University, St. Louis Missouri, USA. He is a Board Certified Psychiatrist. serving as the attending Physician for Centrec Cares’s out-patient psychiatric and substance abuse program.


Director of Clinical Services


Ivy is a graduate of Saint Louis University and holds a Masters degree in nursing. She is also board certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in Adult Psychiatry & Mental Health. Ivy is experienced in dealing with a broad range of mental health and chemical dependence issues for adult, adolescent men and women.

Her stellar career spans multiple levels of experience, ranging from staff Psychiatric and Surgical RN, Counselor, Medical Recruitment, to Director of Nursing-Behavioral Health Services (Tenet Hospital System).

She also serves as the CEO of the company

Brechanna Christine Bell MA, RSAP, QSAP


Christine is a graduate of Lindenwood University and holds a Masters of Arts. She has extensive in depth experience as a substance abuse counselor. She also has a great deal of experience dealing with substance offenders, probation and parole officers, as well as, the drug court system in the State of Missouri.

Nafisa Kabir

Vice President of General Administration

Nafisa has been with the company since inception in 1986. She is a graduate of Dacca University, Bangladesh with a Masters degree in Political Science and a MSC in Economics from London University.

She is a multi-talented leader in our facility. She offers advice and support to all Department heads, working tirelessly to fulfill the vision, values and goals of the company. Her opinion is sought after and valued. She is the ambassador of Centrec Care to the staff, patients, vendors and community

Sylvia McMahon

Program Manager

Sylvia is responsible for ensuring the proper execution of the treatment program. She monitors and maintains the internal quality control system, which is essential for continuity of care. Syl, makes certain that Centrec Care will continue to have the highest level of patient satisfaction in the industry.

Colleen Tilford

Front Office Manager

Colleen is the central administration office manager.

Brian F. Alwell

Director of Business Development

Brian is a graduate of The Pennsylvania College of Technology ‘Penn State’. He has owned and managed several successful businesses during his career.

Brian is responsible for the promotion and growth of Centrec Care to the private and business community. He provides management support to the inner and outer functions of the company. He is instrumental in engineering the forward motion of the company.

The Wheelhouse

Jason and Connie

An impressive group of dedicated employees responsible for the efficient execution of daily operational procedures. A team, whose spirit and effort makes your visit to Centrec Care a pleasurable experience.

Slim Shady

Beloved Mascot

Slim was born and trained in Minnesota. He is a pure bred Australian Shepherd “Aussie”. His interaction is human like! Whenever he is in the presence of people, there is a noticeable reduction in stress and anxiety -especially in children. Unfortunately, it is difficult to schedule an appointment with him for therapy, since he is very busy chasing the wildlife in Wildwood.

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