Alcohol Recovery Programs

From Depression to Addiction, A Wellness Treatment Center Like Centrec Care Provides the Most Comprehensive Treatment Services

Alcohol Recovery ProgramsAre you looking for help with addiction, depression or other mental health issues? Are you lost on where to turn? A wellness treatment center, such as Centrec Care, is an excellent resource for the comprehensive treatment of psychiatric and/or substance abuse disorders. Unlike a single physician practice, our wellness center provides broad spectrum services that specifically focus on the total life of the patient, not just the diagnosis. By crafting treatment plans that address the physical, psychological and emotional components of your overall health, we support the belief that healing comes from both the body and the mind.

Thanks to modern research, wonderful outreach and growing awareness, depression has finally been acknowledged as a serious public health issue affecting millions. However, many people still feel confused on where to get help for depression. The team at Centrec Care includes psychiatrists, adult and adolescent psychologists, psychotherapists, nurses and counselors, all who work to provide the very best treatment for people suffering from depression. Our services include everything from bipolar depression treatment to dysthymic disorder treatment, and everything in between. From diagnosis, to medication management and counseling, we provide the most all-inclusive approach to treating and healing depression at every stage.

Beyond our mental health programs, Centrec Care also provides specialized treatment for substance abuse. We have alcohol recovery programs, detox programs, and both partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient services, so that we can custom-tailor a treatment plan for anyone battling addiction.

We know that, when looking for help with substance abuse, you want care and compassion, not condescension and judgment. We know that you are more than an addict, and we are here to help you take back your life and your health.

Whatever your mental health or addiction issue, Centrec Care is here for you. Discover how a top-quality wellness treatment center can kick-start your healing journey, and give you everything you need to see it through. Call us today at (314) 205-8068 for more information.