April 6, 2017

Discover Comprehensive Sobriety Solutions with Centrec Care

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With drug use and overdose skyrocketing across the nation, families with addicted loved ones know that the clock is ticking to get life-saving help.  However, when they search for outpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers, they struggle to differentiate between the programs and benefits offered. How do they know that they are getting the right help to support their families on the journey to wellness? At Centrec Care, we understand that dealing with addiction affects both the addict and their loved ones, and they need comprehensive and researched-based treatment plans. We believe that treatment for addiction not only addresses the immediate dangers, but also creates a foundation for life-long sobriety. As you research treatment centers for alcohol and drug dependence, we encourage you to see why Centrec Care is committed to the health and wellness of every member of our community.

What sets our facility apart from others is our philosophy of comprehensive self-care. We are not simply a detox facility or a group program. Our family-oriented atmosphere aims to empower our patients while promoting physical, mental, and emotional healing, including the damage the addiction has taken on familial relationships. We know that addiction did not begin overnight, and as such, we have to deconstruct the building blocks that contributed to the problem. We delve deep into our patients’ histories so that we craft treatment plans that promote genuine personal wellness. We want our patients to build self-awareness do that they can better manage their life challenges in a healthy manner.

The path to sobriety is never easy, but with the Centrec Care team behind your family, you can find hope and healing.

If you need an alcohol, drug, or opiate addiction treatment center, we encourage you to take that first step and contact us at 314-205-8068. Together, we can help you create the life you want and the future you deserve.




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