Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs in St. Louis, MO


Drug and alcohol addiction takes a toll on the body and the mind. Dealing with the powerful grasp of addiction starts with a medically supervised detoxification program that is designed to reduce the symptoms of physical dependency on opiates and other addictive drugs.

Did you know that many of the facilities in the area are actually eliminating their drug and alcohol detox programs? Centrec Care is the only wellness center in the St. Louis area that continues to use medically proven detoxification strategies (even on the weekends). When appropriate, this include our Suboxone Program – a drug regimen designed to ease the physical withdrawal symptoms associated with opiate addiction.

In addition to treating the physical symptoms of drug addiction detox, Centrec Care is committed to helping you or your loved ones work through the mental component of addiction as well. Our outpatient educational treatment program, A Twelve Step Journey to Wellness, helps to foster the confidence and skills necessary to live a productive life without the use of drugs or alcohol.

If you are ready to get the medical treatment you need to live a sober life, Contact Us today.

Our detoxification services operate 7 days per week and intake assessments are done every day from 10am – 5pm. You do not need to end your addiction alone. We can help make the transition into sober living easier while under the supervision of a professional medical staff trained in heroin addiction and prescription drug addiction treatment.