Drug Addiction Treatment Services

Find The Best Drug Addiction Treatment Services In St. Louis With Centrec Care

EmotionRegulation_female2009ca6Drug addiction touches people from all walks of life, including every race, sex, and socioeconomic class. As a trusted and committed drug treatment center in St. Louis, Centre Care understands that addiction is a problem that is completely unique to each person, and usually is a result of complex physical, mental, and emotional factors. Our evidence-based drug rehab programs have helped hundreds of clients on their journeys to personal wellness, and if someone you love is suffering from drug addiction, we can help them break free from the grips of this deadly disease.

Why Should I Choose Centrec Care For Drug Treatment?

Centrec Care is one of the most recognized and trusted drug and alcohol detox programs in the St. Louis area. When we work with new clients, we first address the physical components of their addiction, and use carefully monitored processes to help them safely detox based on their specific needs. We then help address the mental and emotional components that have contributed to their addictions, and provide the guidance, appropriate treatments, education, and support systems. We know that simple detoxification is no way to help our clients stay clean and sober.  We must help them create the path to true personal wellness, both inside and out, by equipping them with the tools they need for success.

Who Can Centrec Care Help Stop Drug Addiction?

Not only does Centrec Care offer comprehensive behavioral health services for adults, but we also provide adolescent substance abuse treatment programs. With the incidence of adolescent addiction on the rise, we are passionate about helping our clients and their caregivers not only heal, but identify risk factors like depression that may be an underlying problem contributing to the substance abuse. Beyond addiction, we also provide special programs from anger and stress management to coping and adaptation. We want our clients to have all of the support they need to move forward to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, do not let another day go by. Contact us and let Centrec Care help with our effective, trusted treatment programs.