October 5, 2017

Find Reputable Mental Health Counseling Services Near Me

Be Silent No More—Find the Mental and Emotional Help You Need With Centrec Care

Despite public awareness campaigns and a media that is shedding light on the importance of mental health and wellness, far too many people continue to suffer in silence. Unlike physical illnesses, which usually have discernable symptoms and treatments, mental health struggles are often ignored or downplayed by both the patient and their general practitioner. They dismiss their symptoms as temporary, and the patients discount the way they feel as a personal weakness that will pass.

Centrec Care is a behavioral health treatment center that believes we all collectively need to create a social environment that sheds light and acceptance about the prevalence of mental and emotional struggles. We wellness and mental health counseling in St. Louisoffer top-quality mental health counseling services and outreach for people across our community, and if you struggle with feels of anxiety, depression, or unwelcome thoughts, we are here to help.

The recent number of celebrity suicides are highlighting just how well-hidden personal mental struggles can be. In fact, after the tragic suicide of musician Chester Bennington, his wife shared pictures and videos taken of him just days before his death. In them, Bennington can be seen smiling, laughing, and generally behaving like a happy, caring father and husband. Her powerful posting was driven by her quest to raise awareness about how mental illness is often silent, concealed, and unseen by those closest to the sufferers. This example highlights why both public awareness, outreach, and education is so important. If you need help and support, you really can find caring and compassionate help to get you through this journey and back on the road to a healthy future.

Centrec Care’s holistic approach to personal wellness, as well as our passion for mental health awareness, makes us a trusted place for anyone who wants to begin the road to recovery. If you are searching for a “wellness treatment center in my area,” we encourage you to contact us for a consultation at 314-205-8068. Together, we can overcome your challenges and get you back to living your best life.




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