Intensive Outpatient Alcohol

Has Your Drinking Crossed the Line?

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Each and every day, thousands of Americans undergo a silent struggle with alcohol, some never realizing they have a problem.  Alcohol dependence syndrome  takes many forms, and unfortunately, we often have clichéd conceptions of what the true signs of an alcoholic actually are. For example, some believe alcoholics drink constantly, to the point where they are consistently drunk and unable to function. However, you can still be a successful, stable, and otherwise “normal” person and still have a problem with alcohol. If you are asking yourself, “do I have a drinking problem,” then chances are that your relationship with alcohol has become unhealthy.

Where Can I Get Answers About Alcohol Dependence?

When considering whether alcohol has become a problem, people usually do not want to openly seek help, especially when they feel that they do not fit some imagined criteria of a stereotypical alcoholic. They look to the internet for information, but for those with a true problem, they explain away their behaviors and convince themselves that the symptoms they see do not apply to them. The truth is that you are a unique individual with a complex history, and if you genuinely want to get to the bottom of your mental and physical health, only a qualified professional can help.

We are a recognized alcohol rehab center, serving the greater St. Louis area. We offer comprehensive behavioral health services, including intensive outpatient alcohol treatment programs.

How Can Centrec Care Help?

Alcohol dependence treatment is not just a roadmap for how to stay sober. We address both the physical and mental components that contribute to your issue, and strive to craft a treatment plan that addresses all of your problems and risk factors. We help you move forward toward wellness with the support you need for success.  Because every case is different, we encourage you to call 314-205-8068 us for a consultation so that you have a better idea of what you can expect based on your own unique situation.