Outpatient Behavioral Health Programs

Centrec Care Offers Comprehensive And Effective Behavioral Health Care

EmotionRegulation_female2009ca6Despite the growing awareness of the prevalence of mental and behavioral disorders, far too many people continue to suffer from psychiatric problems or addiction because they downplay or ignore their own issues. Perhaps they are in denial over the severity of their problems, or they may not even understand that they have a genuine, medical reason for the way that they feel. While mental health challenges were stigmatized or difficult to diagnose in the past, we now have a wealth of options for treatment and people really can find the help they need to overcome their personal challenges. If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction or other mental health disorders, caring, compassionate, and effective treatment is available.

At Centrec Care, our mental health counseling services and addiction rehabilitation treatments have been helping residents of the St. Louis area and beyond overcome their personal challenges for nearly 30 years.

What Types of Counseling And Wellness Services Does Centrec Care Offer?

Our comprehensive treatment center offers individual therapy sessions, couples and group counseling, addiction rehabilitation, detoxification, and much more.  We know that every situation and patient is different, and we craft our treatment protocols to provide our clients with the best chance for success, served by our outpatient behavioral health programs. Our goals, with any treatment program, are to not only heal the existing problems with safe, effective therapies, but we also provide our patients with the tools and resources they need to meet future challenges. Centrec Care’s industry leading treatment outcome demonstrates how our approach to each case lends the most effective results. Our services and interventions are highly individualized and tailored to the needs and preferences of the participant with the goal of maximizing independence and supporting recovery.

Where can I find a wellness treatment center in my area?

This question often leads clients to learn more about Centrec Care, but when prospective patients discover the incredible service we offer, they are empowered to take that first step to physical, emotional and psychological wellness. If you would like to learn more about our programs and services, we invite you to take the first step on your journey to wellness by contacting our team. Let us help you take control of your health, achieve autonomy and full integration into family and community.