Your Inner World Expectation

expectation3006d6dExpectations are built as we continue to meet life situations. When a baby is hungry it cries and mother feeds him. When a babies diaper is wet, they cry and mother changes the diaper. So expectation builds up.

As individuals we build expectations of ourselves. Expectations come from the way we perform various roles or the way we get treated by parents, teachers, peers, etc. A child of a parent can be showered with material things, raising the expectation that he/she will get what they want. This may set expectations beyond the baby’s ability to achieve. The child develops expectations of others by the way they respond to these needs or desires.

Parents have expectations of their children. They may want their child as good as their neighbor’s children. When expectations are not realistic they can fall short of the goal. Under those circumstances it can result in various emotional arousals which disrupt functions like anger, frustration, disappointment, sadness, etc. Expectations must be realistic. There should be a clear understanding as to what is to be expected from a situation. Careful consideration needs to be given to assess whether or not a given expectation is achievable.