Your Inner World Perception

Perception Attitude Thoughts300aa21A perception begins as the baby starts to feel, touch, smell, taste etc. When the body is gently touched, the baby has a comfortable feeling about it’s environment. A harsh touch or voice can be perceived as a hostile environment. All such experiences usually create a mind set. The brain judges an oncoming stimulation’s by searching for meaning within the brains information system. Any innocent stimuli which carry any similarities with an adverse stored memory (mind set) can be interpreted as bad and thus misinterpreted. Parents are often accused of playing favorites to one or other siblings, creating intense rivalry. Similar feelings can occur at school in teacher or peer relationships. When perceptions get distorted misunderstandings occur with disruption of relationship. Hostility generated from misperception can lead to violence. Distorted perceptions like unrealistic expectations can cause emotional upset and impair healthy growth.