Steps to Wellness

Healthy on the Inside, Not Just the Out - Find Mental and Emotional Wellness With Centrec Care


For many American families, we struggle to maintain our physical wellness in an environment so full unhealthy contributors. While we take steps to diet, exercise, or receive regular check-ups, we often miss one of the most fundamental factors of the overall picture—our mental and emotional health. At Centrec Care in St. Louis, we know that, far too often, people view their mental wellbeing as an afterthought, and that self-care is often seen as a luxury rather than a necessity. However, we also know that mental and emotional problems are often the underlying issues in drug addiction, feelings of fatigue, blood pressure problems and many other health issues. Because of this, we offer many outpatient behavioral health programs so that everyone in our community can find targeted tools to help them on the road to true wellness, both inside and out.

What Types of Wellness Programs Does Centrec Care Offer?

The steps to wellness are as unique as each individual client, and our wide variety of programs seek to address the many common struggles that bar us from achieving our goals. Our special programs include:

We also offer comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction programs for those who need it.

As a leading provider of wellness care in St. Louis, we craft programs that address the complex issues that commonly contribute to deficiencies in mental and emotional health.

We know that, for those new to our services, the stigma of mental healthcare sometimes prevents people from seeking out resources that can truly help them. Our warm, inclusive, and supportive atmosphere reinforces our belief that everyone, no matter where they are on their life journey, can benefit from knowledgeable support along the way. If you are ready to take control of your total wellness, let us be your partner in both health and success.