December 6, 2017

Treatment For Opioid and Prescription Drug Addition

Struggling with Opioid Addiction? Help is Waiting for You Now at Centrec Care

Every day, across our nation, the opioid addiction epidemic is claiming dozens of lives and destroying families. Thankfully, recent media attention is bringing greater awareness to this issue, as well as just how easy it has been for perfectly healthy people to slide into addiction through both the power of these substances and a medical infrastructure that often overprescribes. Those who do not get the prescription drug addiction help they need sometimes turn to illicit drugs like heroin to feed their need for the high. One of the saddest parts of this addiction crisis is that transcends all socioeconomic barriers, which puts populations once considered low-risk for addiction and overdose fatalities firmly in the at-risk category. How can opioid and drug addiction help in St. Louiswe fight something that is invading communities at every level?

At Centrec Care in St. Louis, we know that fighting this epidemic will be a nationwide effort, but beyond that, we also know that we must focus at the individual level and give those who need it the detox, rehabilitation, recovery, and sober living support they need. Our caring and compassionate team offers comprehensive treatment services from the initial intake and detox to the drug addiction support groups that support lifelong wellness. We want to be frontline crusaders in our community so that those affected by opioid addiction know there is a place they can go for trusted help, research-based treatments, and an environment conducive to moving forward in a positive way.

Whether you or a loved one is abusing prescription drugs, or you have progressed to the need to heroin addiction treatment, we want you to know that help is here, ready, and waiting for your call. We know how difficult it is to reach out, but when you contact us today at (314) 205-8068, you will find a team ready to lift you up and give you the tools you need to succeed. With our help, you or your loved one can become that inspiration to others that hope and healing are possible.

Treatment For Opioid and Prescription Drug Addition
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Treatment For Opioid and Prescription Drug Addition
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Comprehensive treatment services from the initial intake and detox to the drug addiction support groups
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