January 2, 2019

Understanding Drug Addiction and the Detox Process

Are you seeking an effective drug detoxification treatment for yourself or a loved one? This blog will help you understand more about drug addiction, how to find quality treatment, and what to expect from a recovery program.

Drug Dependence vs Drug Addiction

Before we talk about the drug detoxification process itself, it’s important to understand the difference between drug dependence and drug addiction. Although these terms are frequently used interchangeably, a person may have a physical dependence on a substance without having an addiction.

Drug dependence is caused when constant exposure to a drug makes the body adapt to it in a way that a person needs the substance to function normally. In that case, stopping the drug leads to withdrawal symptoms. Drug addiction is characterized by the compulsive use of a substance that is dangerous and causes negative effects.

How to Find Quality Treatment

There are many treatments for substance use disorders out there, but they aren’t equally effective. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, these are the five signs of good treatment:

  • The program has been licensed or certified by the state.
  • The program uses FDA approved medications to relieve the withdrawal symptoms and prevent relapse.
  • The program has been proven effective in treating substance abuse.
  • The program acknowledges the importance of the family for recovery.
  • The program provides ongoing counseling, coaching, and support.

What Happens During the Detoxification Process

Generally speaking, treatments for drug detoxification focus on three main aspects:

  1. Manage the withdrawal symptoms to provide relief.
  2. Address the link between body and mind as well as its impact on health.
  3. Provide emotional support for patients and loved ones.

The medical staff at Centrec Care works in collaboration with the patient’s primary care physician to help with recovery. We also assign a case manager counselor to each patient. This professional plays an essential role in our program because he or she will assess the patient’s life history to create a treatment plan and reduce the risk of relapse.

At Centrec Care, we have an accredited ambulatory detoxification program that helps people reduce dependency on alcohol, opiates, sedatives, hypnotics, and other drugs. We truly believe that fostering a comforting and nurturing environment is key for effective healing of the body and mind. If you want to know more about our detoxification services, drop us a line through our website or call us at (314) 205-8068.

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