Our Values

We believe in the importance of family.

For over forty years, Centrec Care has provided a warm, supportive, nurturing atmosphere, to help each patient feel as though they are among family. We have created this special atmosphere among staff and patients alike that we believe strengthens the healing process.

We also emphasize the importance of the patient’s family being involved in the recovery process whenever possible. We work to keep them informed and educate them on crucial mental health or substance abuse issues and treatments. Then, the patient’s family can stay supportive and aid their long-term recovery.

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We are committed to making your and your loved one’s life healthier and happier.

A good alternative

Centrec Care is an alternative to inpatient hospitalization or inpatient rehab programs.

High patient satisfaction

We have the highest patient satisfaction levels in the profession.

Getting you back

The majority of our patients return to work and in a shorter period of time, as compared to other treatment programs.

In it for you

We can work with your primary care physicians and update them on your progress.