For over thirty-five years, Centrec Care has provided an atmosphere that our patients experience as an ideal family: warm, supportive, and nurturing.

We also emphasize the importance of the patient’s family being involved in the treatment process whenever possible. We work to keep them informed and educate them on crucial mental health or substance abuse issues. Then the patient’s family can stay supportive and aid their recovery.

Finally, Centrec Care is a family. This gives us a unique ability to support family values and attitudes, creating a special atmosphere among staff and patients alike that we believe strengthens the healing process.


Centrec Care is now conducting Womens Group Sessions – Tuesdays
& Thursdays 4-7 p.m.

Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment

Mental Health

Mental Health

Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs

Centrec Care is a nationally recognized preferred provider, contracted to provide services by most major insurance carriers.
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Centrec Care is an important alternative to inpatient hospitalization or inpatient rehab programs.

Great experience at this facility. The staff is great ! Definitely gained a lot of skills being here..

Allie H

This place saved my life. I don't know what afflictions you have but when you are ready to take them head on, Centrec Care is your place to reclaim your life. They are a family owned and ran business and take care of their patients. I feel like they are my family. They are definitely a place I would reccomend to any person struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and addiction. Please visit them because they will help you. I can't say enough about Syl, and Connie. They are Angel's on earth. If you need a guiding hand please visit them. You have nothing to lose but your LIFE!!

Julie S.

I have been going here for over a year now and I am making great strides to a more healthier and happier life. I really appreciate all the staff for their time, patience and knowledge. They have been very helpful in my journey to a healthy life.

Anonymous 08/13/2019

Centrec was the best thing that happened to me. The group therapy was so enlightening and the staff is very supportive.

Tajuana A.

Centrec Care was and is still treating me, they have helped me so much words can not explain. Very caring people and very willing to help, please if you need any help see then they will take care of your needs for you.

Jason R.

I highly recommend. Everyone in the office really is there because it brings them joy to help others, and it shows. The focus is on group therapy, which I was never keen on the idea of it before coming here. The one-on-one time is also incredibly effective. You are treated as an individual where you can focus on any areas that you are struggling with. Please call them if you come across this review looking for help with stress, anxiety, depression, or addiction problems. They will treat you like family.


The staff at CentraCare helped me overcome some very difficult problems. They are very kind and intelligent and willing to provide any kind of help that you may need. I would recommend Centric Care to my friends and family and would return there myself if needed.

Mike M.

Maybe in your past, or recently you experienced a traumatic event. The loss of a loved one, childhood abuse/neglect, rape, war, injury, an illness, or an occupational issue. Alcohol/substance use/abuse may be your struggle. If you are feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed/overloaded, lost, or hopeless, call Centrec Care. This mental health care practice is family owned and staffed. The medical professionals at this clinic are kind, caring, compassionate, professional, knowledgeable, and are there for YOU. If you are ready for help - pick up the phone. Make the Call. You are worthy. Help is available. Call Centrec Care.

Raene W.