Why CentreC Care

Why call Centrec Care?

  • We have a family style atmosphere that allows the patient to relax and become comfortable with the setting. Our style promotes a non-threatening approach conducive to a homelike experience. (Derived from Patients comments)
  • A case manager counselor is assigned to each patient upon entrance to the program. That professional will travel with the patient through each segment of the treatment process on their journey to wellness. Upon completion of the program, the case manager counselor will be available to the patient for continuation of treatment via our Counseling Services Program. Purpose = Reduce threat of relapse.
  • Family members play a significant role in the healing process. Therefore, family involvement is welcomed and encouraged.
  • Education- Centrec Care doesn’t preach blame… We teach:
    • Looking at Yourself
    • Thinking of Yourself
    • Acting for Yourself
  • Centrec Care takes the time and effort to assess a patient’s life history from childhood to adulthood. This information is vital to understanding the individual’s problems and associated afflictions. Essential groundwork for creating a treatment plan with solutions to attain success. (Patients comments)
  • Patient’s Primary Care Physician will be updated on treatment modality and progress (only if the patient grants approval).
  • An appointment will be scheduled for an Evaluation session within 48 hours of your call.
  • 80% of patients Return to Work and in a shorter period of time, as compared to other treatment models.
  • When you call, you will talk to a real person!…who will immediately connect your call to the appropriate professional.
  • Highest Patient Satisfaction levels in the profession. (Derived from Patients comments)
  • We do our best to balance your treatment schedule, so as, to limit the interference with your work schedule.