Join our Women’s Group

What is it?
It is a small group of no more than eight women who meet after work hours for six to eight weeks to help women who have difficulty expressing feelings without feeling vulnerable.

When? Currently we are meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-7 PM

Who is it for?
The women’s group is for women who want to feel whole again, to feel content with their lives – but need help finding a process for how to find
themselves again.

It is designed for women who work and can’t come in during the day.

It is for women who have trouble with day to day stress, with depression, with PTSD, even with trauma (such as rape or spousal abuse).

The women who attend run the gamut of mental health – and it is for women only, to enable attendees to talk openly about the real issues they are struggling with. Some already have a psychiatrist and are looking for short term supplemental care for specific goals.

How do women join?
To join, just call and ask for Sylvia. (314-205-8068)

Next steps may include scheduling an intake with a psychiatric evaluation or coordinating care with their current psychiatrist.