Our inner world holds matters which are confined within us and nobody knows about it until it is exposed. These are our emotions, expectation, our perception of things, expression of our attitude, our inner thoughts and our self-concept.

During our childhood years of experiences as we begin to interact at home, school and our outside environment, events that occur create a mind-set which influences the way we interact to future events.

Perception of a friendly or an unfriendly environment could occur from the way a baby is treated which could be gentle or rough, or by the tone of the voice he hears which could be soft and pleasant or harsh and unpleasant.

Expectations can lead to frustration when built at an unrealistic level. This can be any one’s own expectation or ones expectation of others, as well as others expectation of self. Attentional expression of ourselves could dispel people if it is unfriendly or attract people when it is friendly.

When inner thoughts are negative, it can express itself in behaviors which are inappropriate and generally conflicts with others and increase self-misery.

When a person feels lowly of himself/herself, it affects his/her self confidence, diminishes drive and motivation, creates a sense of failure and derides achievement.

All of these also generate negative emotions which causes further functional deficit.

A well integrated inner world brings desired strength, a force that helps out to effectively negotiate the outer world of job, family and the society.