Centrec Care’s Group therapy can involve one or more therapists working with multiple people at the same time. The number of participants may range from 2-20 people.

The group can be comprised of members who are at different stages in the treatment process. The group will typically have individuals who are suffering from varying behavioral health afflictions (depression, anxiety, stress), or substance abuse (alcohol, opiates, sedatives).

It is not uncommon for some of the members to have co-occurring conditions- symptoms of both afflictions.

Centrec Care has a structured menu of subject matter that the therapist will teach to the group members. The educational process will provide a better understanding of their problems and prepare the critical ground work for developing essential coping skills. We promote discussion in a highly interactive, energy charged exchange of ideas. The setting is safe and supportive, allowing group members to experiment without the fear of failure.

Interaction and contribution by the members to the discussion will reveal characteristic behavior patterns that can be used to develop and modify the individual’s treatment plan.