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Total Health: The Model Of Health

The advancement of neuroscience has allowed scientists to study the brain through various imaging techniques.  We now have much better understanding about how the brain responds to certain stimuli and what part of the brain is activated in response to the stimuli.  It has brought a much better understanding of the relationship between our body and our mind.

When the body is ill, the mind is also unwell and vice versa.  The study of the limbic System of the brain which is the seat of our emotion, it is learned that this system is very rich in its connection with other parts of the brain because of it. The limbic system can exert significant influence on our bodily functions.

Studies have shown that when the mind is strong, the healing of our body is accelerated.  Improving psychological strength can also generate improved physical health.

It has been noted that there are many physical ailments which co-exist with psychiatric illness.  We can site psychiatric co-existing problem in multiple medical areas, like cardiovascular disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, endocrinological disorders, neurological disorders to name a few.

Centrec Care’s treatment philosophy is therefore based on total health.  Total health incorporates three basic components of health- emotional, psychological and physical health.

Our model of health integrates these three components of health to be able to achieve a state of wellness.

When a medical illness co-exists with a psychiatric illness, the course of illness for both diseases can be prolonged, complications can occur.[/vc_column_text]