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Work, work, work, or fun, fun, fun?

Too much of either is not good for healthy functioning.

Our central nervous system that is our brain has to be kept in balance for it to function at its best. Brain’s functioning is carried on by various functional circuits which connect with each other for effective co-ordination of functioning. When the brain is not balanced this co-ordination is disturbed causing the brain to malfunction.

During our daily activities generate tension inside our body. These tensions sit in the muscles. If not released, they continue to accumulate within the muscles, causing them to be tight and tense. Muscles lose their usual flexibility; stays stretched compressing the blood vessels and irritating nerve endings causing aches and pains. Undernourished muscles get to be fatigued resulting in a feeling like having a flu like syndrome. Joints can be pulled causing joint pains.

Brain cells which operate on electrical power finds to discharge more energy during the over work and needs to be recharged to keep operating at a good functional level. Brain is our source of power and if it is not kept properly energized, the total functioning of the body and mind gets to be adversely affected.

Releasing tensions from the muscles on a daily basis with appropriate activities and relaxing the brain cells with entertaining activities during which time cells may recharge themselves which help maintain the brain in good balance.

It is important to recognize the body-minds signal of brains imbalance and to pay immediate attention to these signals. Functioning can be significantly improved when the brain and body is maintained at a physiological balance.[/vc_column_text]