Twelve Step Journey

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Introduction to: A Twelve Step Journey to Wellness

‘A Twelve Step Journey to Wellness’ is a Psycho-educational series that has been developed to provide insight into the way the human mind develops, how emotion is expressed and how behaviors are learned. It allows us to examine how well our inner world is functioning and how to effectively manage circumstances, as well as, relationships in the outer world.


Such a healing process can generate a better quality of life, maximize functioning and reduce the risk of reoccurrence.

This is the basic theme of the program ‘A Twelve Step Journey to Wellness’.

What to expect upon completion of the program?

  • A greater understanding of self
  • A broader knowledge of one’s strength and weakness
  • Attain a higher level of skill to affect change
  • Acquire an increased ability to cope and adapt
  • Increased aptitude to manage illness effectively
  • Improved capability to operate at a higher level of functioning at home, work, and in society
  • Learn to accept, appreciate and enjoy a better quality of life

Program Components:

  1. Twelve Step Journey to Wellness
  2. Total Health: The Model of Health
  3. Feeling, Emotion, Behavior
  4. Gene, Experience, Growth
  5. Defense, Survival, Strategy
  6. Stress, Body, Mind
  7. Brain, Information Processing & Problem Solving
  8. Personality, Role, Relation
  9. Life-Style Balance
  10. Coping, Growth, Maturity
  11. Coping, Growth, Adaptation
  12. Concluding Thoughts, The Wheel of Wellness